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Best Folding Weight Benches in the UK 2022

It’s not often that people have enough space for their home workout equipment. Usually, it’s a case of fitting as much kit as you can into a small area, or sharing a space, meaning that equipment must be stored away between training sessions.   

A folding weight bench is an integral part of these types of home gyms. A good bench will allow you to perform a full range of exercises, with the bonus of folding down and storing away when you need to pull the car back into the garage.

However, a poor-quality folding bench can create unexpected issues and compromise your home workouts. 

This article will review the best folding weight bench brands in the UK and considerations when buying a folding weight bench.

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Best Overall – Primal Strength Folding FID V2 Bench

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Primal Strength has made it to the top of the list with this outstanding folding bench, which perfectly bridges the gap between commercial and home gyms.

This product carries a full commercial rating, meaning it is designed to deal with a volume of use that far exceeds the demands of training at home. It has a price tag that makes it available to those looking to invest in home gym equipment, albeit on the higher end of the market.   

The combination of commercial-grade and evident attention to detail means that the Primal Strength bench immediately looks and feels like a piece of kit that will last a lifetime in your home gym. The frame is solid, with the folding mechanisms moving easily and locking in with reassuring security.      

With streamlined folded dimensions of 120 x 51 x 16cm, the bench can be easily stored on the floor, against a wall, or even on a wall hanging mount.

Although the bench is one of the heaviest on our list at 33kg, Primal Strength has included a carry/hang handle and wheels for easy transportation. Even the transport wheels have a touch of quality and really make life easier when it’s time to relocate the bench.   

The maximum capacity of the Primal Strength bench is 350kg. This bench has been engineered to take the heaviest of lifters, move extreme weights, and feel incredibly stable when trying for your 1 rep max. 


  • Nine backrest positions from decline, flat, to incline.
  • Commercial grade.
  • Double-stitched upholstery.
  • Integrated carry/hang handle and wheels.
  • 350kg maximum capacity.
  • Lifetime warranty on frame.


  • Bombproof construction.
  • Sturdy during the heaviest of lifts.
  • Easily foldable. 
  • Easily transportable.
  • “Last a lifetime” quality.


  • The price tag might be out of some home gym user’s budget.
  • The flat upholstery could possibly benefit from some ergonomic shaping.

Bottom Line

The Primal Strength Commercial Folding FID V2 Bench combines aesthetics, quality, and functionality, ensuring this product sets the standard that all other folding benches will be judged by. 

Runner Up – Mirafit Folding Weight Bench

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Mirafit has taken up a solid position in the UK home fitness industry over recent years. They offer good quality, well-designed equipment at prices that will not break the bank. The Mirafit Folding Weight Bench is a perfect example of this.

This bench is entry-level in terms of cost. However, the matte-black powder-coated steel frame offers the lifter a sense of quality that defies the price point. The folding mechanisms are solid, and the bench looks and feels sturdy when the locking pins are installed. 

The upholstery is surprisingly good for a budget piece of kit. The foam is thick enough to offer a good comfort level, while the stitching is of a standard that will deal with many years of home workout use.

The upholstery is easy to clean, with sweat wiping away with no residue whatsoever. This is fantastic as some benches have a texture that makes them quite tricky to keep clean. 

Folding down to 112 x 42 x 22cm, storage is simple, and the bench is light enough to lift and carry in and out of your training area. 

The maximum capacity is rated at 200kg. Clearly, this bench is not designed for powerlifting or heavy-duty weight training, but it is pretty impressive when you consider that an 80kg user could lift 120kg.

It will accommodate most people’s free-weight requirements, especially using dumbbells. Most folding benches within this price range have much lower capacity and do not feel as secure as the Mirafit Folding Weight Bench.   


  • Four backrest positions from flat to incline.
  • Rated for home use.
  • Padded and easily wipeable cushions.
  • 200kg maximum capacity.


  • Outstanding value.
  • Surprisingly good quality for an entry-level bench at this price point.
  • Decent maximum weight capacity compared to other products.
  • Excellent for dumbbell routines.
  • Easy to fold and store.
  • Comfortable upholstery.


  • Not suitable for the heavier lifters.
  • The product needs assembling and does not include the required tools. 
  • Users over 6’1″ might find the backrest a touch short.

Bottom Line

A good quality and entry-level folding bench that will not break the bank. The features are comparable to products that cost twice as much, which is why I have ranked this bench so highly. If you are looking to break the bench press world record in your home gym, this might not be the product for you. Still, if you are looking for a significant bit of kit that will enable you to perform a wide range of exercises in comfort, it’s hard to look past the Mirafit Folding Weight Bench.  

Great Value – Mirafit M1 Folding Weight Bench With Dip Station

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For just under £100, this bench provides a space-saving, foldable unit and an integrated barbell rack and dipping station. 

This is a fantastic option if you are setting up a home gym with one eye on the available space and the other on the cost implications. It is also an excellent choice for inexperienced lifters looking to take their first steps within weight training. 

The M1 Folding Weight Bench With Dip Station is not a replacement for the heavy-duty bench press stations you find in a commercial gym, nor is it suitable for Olympic bars.

However, it is perfect for a small family gym combined with a 4 foot 1″ barbell. The opportunity to perform dumbbell and abdominal exercises is a bonus, and the dip station allows you to change the angle of attack for the triceps, chest, and shoulders. 

The steel construction is surprisingly sturdy, although I would recommend adding weight to the base of the bench with weight plates or sandbags for added security when bench pressing or dipping.

The upholstery is comfortable, although broader users might find the bench a touch narrow.

The impressive part is the way it folds and stores. The dimensions, when folded, are 131 x 57 x 47cm, which is incredible for a bench that offers this much functionality.

It is straightforward to set up from the folded position, although I would advise you to sit on the bench a few times before handling weights, just to make sure everything has leveled out. 

Mirafit does not advise a maximum weight capacity so be careful when loading the bar as heavy.


  • Two backrest positions from flat to incline/decline.
  • Rated for home use.
  • Dip station at rear.
  • Height-adjustable barbell rack.


  • Outstanding value.
  • Wide variety of exercises. 
  • Extremely space-saving.


  • Not suitable for heavier lifts.
  • Slightly fiddly and time-consuming to assemble.

Bottom Line

The Mirafit M1 Folding Weight Bench With Dip Station is perfect for small home gyms, particularly when users are not looking to make a massive investment into equipment. It appeals to beginners and offers a unique variety of exercises that provide a nicely rounded workout using low-cost 1″ weights and dumbbells.  

Honourable Mention – Vital Gym Bench Press 2.0 

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Vital Gym prides itself on fitness equipment that provides outstanding functionality combined with pleasing aesthetics; they do not disappoint with the Bench Press 2.0. 

The high-quality steel and PU leather construction create a sturdy platform that fills the user with confidence and is suitable for a wide range of exercises. The decline option is a bonus and enables you to target those lower chest muscles with ease. 

Vital Gym has targeted weight, storage, and transportability with the 2.0. It weighs a paltry 13kg and folds small enough to store under a bed.

The fantastic thing about this design is that the slimline and light construction do not affect the bench’s integrity. It feels solid throughout even the more complex of movements. 

The maximum weight capacity is compromised slightly, especially compared to the Primal Strength FID V2, but the Vital Gym is almost 1/3 of the weight and much easier to store.

It is worth noting that the 150kg capacity is 50kg lighter than the Mirafit Folding Weight Bench, despite the Vital Gym carrying a significantly higher price tag. 

Alongside the lightweight and easily storable properties, the look and feel set the Bench Press 2.0 apart from the Mirafit bench. When you’re looking to set up a gym inside your home, chances are you want the equipment to look good next to your furnishings.

They have a high-end look and are a perfect way to get the looks, without a crazy price tag. 


  • Six backrest positions from decline to flat, to incline.
  • Rated for home use with a maximum capacity of 150kg.
  • Steel construction with PU leather upholstery.
  • Easily moveable and storable.


  • Great looking bench.
  • Perfect for dual-purpose training spaces.
  • Not only stores easily in the corner of a room but looks appealing. 
  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Good level of adjustment.


  • Not suitable for heavier lifts.
  • It is expensive compared to other highly rated options.

Bottom Line

A lovely looking and well-designed bench, constructed from quality materials. The Vital Gym Bench Press 2.0 wouldn’t look out of place in a boutique studio apartment. This bench’s lightweight and easily storable nature makes it an excellent choice for limited spaces or users who need to move their kit from room to room.  

Factors to Consider When Buying a Folding Bench

In the past, foldable home gym benches were inferior products with limited features and functionality. Modern manufacturers have identified that discerning home gym users are looking for high-quality foldable benches, which serve the dual purpose of a sturdy platform for exercise and are easily storable and transportable.

Maximum Weight Capacity

It is essential to identify your requirements before purchasing a foldable bench. A 54kg person who plans on using the bench once a week and doesn’t own a dumbbell above 4kg will have very different requirements to a 95kg rugby player looking to develop strength and muscular size during the off-season. 

Maximum weight capacity is a critical factor when looking at a foldable bench. Remember that the combination of the lifter’s body weight plus the weight they are lifting needs to be considered. 

If a weight bench has a maximum capacity of 100kg, which several of the cheaper versions on the market do, it is acceptable for the 54kg user to jump on with their 4kg dumbbells in hand. The combined weight of 62kg is nowhere near the limit.

However, if the 95kg rugby player jumps on the bench, they can safely hold a 2.5kg dumbbell in each hand. Any more weight, and they are risking their safety.

Work out the combination of your body weight and the heaviest weights you plan to lift on the bench, then make sure the total is well below the maximum capacity of the folding weight bench you are considering. 

Construction Material

Steel construction is standard on weight benches. Choose a solid, stable construction with a quality powder-coated finish ideally. This ensures protection against bumps and scrapes as well as resistance to the corrosive nature of sweat.  

Your point of contact on a weight bench is the upholstery and ultimately dictates your comfort levels. The gold standard is high-density foam covered with leather or PU leather. Most budget benches will offer a lower density foam with a cheaper covering.

Be aware that the most perishable part of a weight bench is the cushion. It is costly and inconvenient to replace or repair the upholstery, and cheap benches often end up wrapped in duct tape as a makeshift repair. 

Our advice is that a few extra pounds spent at the outset could give you years more comfortable use. There’s nothing worse than smelly old duct tape rubbing on the back of your head during a set of dumbbell flyes.    

A quality folding weight bench is an investment in your health and well-being. It will last you years and tolerate all your workout demands. 

Other Features

Look for features such as adjustable backrests. Generally, the more points of incline adjustment available, the better. Some benches will offer an excellent decline option. However, it’s best to ensure that the seat is adjustable to enable a good body position on the bench. 


There are a number of different types of folding benches in this list no matter how heavy you lift or your price point.

It’s worth spending the extra so that you don’t need to replace it sooner, but all the products shown are of great quality.

Buy a folding bench and start making your home gym a reality!