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Best Adjustable Kettlebells in the UK 2022

Adjustable kettlebells give you multiple weight options from a single kettlebell. They are a space and cost-efficient workout tool for a modern home gym.

Kettlebells come in a huge range of weights, from lightweight 2kg options to truly cannonball-esque 25kg monsters. They can give you a totally different type of workout that you just can’t get with dumbbells. 

You have probably come across kettlebells in your local commercial gym. A full set can take up a lot of space and would be a very inefficient use of space for most home gyms. This is where adjustable kettlebells come in.

If you’re looking to purchase an adjustable kettlebell, this article will cover the best adjustable kettlebell brands available in the UK and what to consider when buying an adjustable kettlebell.

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VitalGym Adjustable Kettlebell

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The VitalGym 4-18kg adjustable kettlebell is a versatile and dynamic piece of equipment that would improve any home gym.

It gives you 7 different weight settings to choose from between 4-18kg. 7 individual kettlebells would cost way more and take up considerably more space. 

Cast iron construction means you are getting a product that can last a lifetime. Plate loaded kettlebells like the VitalGym can feel a bit clunky during exercises like kettlebell swings.

This is because multiple cast iron plates are held in place by a locking mechanism, which will inevitably have some give. Once you have used an adjustable kettlebell a few times, this sensation will feel normal. 

This kettlebell works by turning the dial at the top to select a weight, remove or add weight plates as appropriate and then lock them in place.

A black paint finish makes for a stylish piece of equipment that will blend in with almost any surroundings. 


  • 4-18kg
  • 7 different weights
  • Cast iron
  • Black


  • Stylish black finish
  • Large handle
  • 7 weight options


  • One colour option

To Sum Up

VitalGym has produced an excellent adjustable kettlebell at a very competitive price point. Seven different weights up to 18kg will prove more than adequate for most trainees. This would be a useful addition to any home gym and gives you a huge range of options in your workouts.

Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Kettlebell

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The Bowflex SelectTech is an excellent premium option within the adjustable kettlebell market.

Their SelectTech 3.5-18kg kettlebell includes 6 different weights and additional innovations that make it easier to use than most adjustable kettlebells. There are two big things that set this kettlebell above its competitors. 

The first is the case design. Because it is loaded from underneath, it maintains a smooth outward exterior throughout all weight options.

This is huge because many kettlebell exercises require that the kettlebell be in contact with areas of your body such as your forearms during presses or cleans.

This will feel much more like a regular kettlebell whereas plate loaded adjustable kettlebells will have gaps that could make contact uncomfortable or pinch. 

Secondly, because the dumbbell is loaded from underneath, weights can be left stacked on the floor for easy loading. Just place the kettlebell on top of the weights, turn the dial to select a weight and lift it up again. You won’t have to fiddle around sliding plates in and out.

It also has two colour options, black or red, letting you decide which best suits your workout space.


  • 4-18kg
  • 6 different weights
  • Aluminium/plastic
  • Black/red


  • Good premium option
  • Feels more like a real kettlebell
  • Loading is simple
  • Online kettlebell training included


  • Higher price point

To Sum Up

The Bowflex SelectTech is an easy to use, realistic, and compact alternative to traditional kettlebells. Its design makes it much more comparable to a traditional kettlebell. An innovative loading system makes it simple and fast to change weight quickly during workouts.

Body Evolution Adjustable Kettlebell

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The BodyEvolution 3-18 kg kettlebell comes with 7 different weight settings, cast iron construction, 6 removable weight plates and a black finish.

You can change the weight setting by moving the dial and then removing or adding the 6 removable cast iron weight plates. Your chosen weight setting is then locked in and ready to be used.

One cool tip for adjustable kettlebells is to use the weight plates as stand-alone weights. Add variety to your workouts by using the plates for exercises like light bicep curls or shoulder raises.

Using a kettlebell with gaps between the weight plates could feel a bit strange at first. You should get used to this feeling within a couple of sessions, it will then feel perfectly normal.


  • 4-18kg
  • 7 different weights
  • Cast iron
  • Black


  • Stylish black finish
  • Easy to store
  • 7 weight options


  • One colour option

To Sum Up

The BodyEvolution adjustable kettlebell is an excellent alternative to a full set of conventional kettlebells. 7 different weight options will provide most trainees with the flexibility to perform a full kettlebell based fitness routine. 

Klarfit Adjustable Kettlebell

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The Klarfit 8 to 16kg adjustable kettlebell is an extremely attractive and versatile piece of equipment.

It has 5 different weight settings, cast iron construction and looks and feels like a conventional fixed kettlebell. You can choose from either black or red, whicher suits your home gym best.

Of all the kettlebells in our list, the Klarfit looks and feels the most like a regular kettlebell. The outer shell is shaped exactly like a normal kettlebell. This can avoid the clunkiness sometimes associated with adjustable kettlebells. 

It has a higher minimum weight than some other options, starting at 8kg. Make sure this is something you are comfortable with before purchasing.

It has the same super convenient bottom-loading system as the Bowflex. This makes changing weights incredibly quick and easy. 

Whilst it may have fewer weight increments than some other options, this is a fair compromise for a compact, easy to use design. It is better to have a solid and innovative product than the one with the most weight increments.


  • 8-16kg
  • 5 different weights
  • Cast iron
  • Black/red 


  • Looks and feels like a regular kettlebell
  • Choice of colours
  • Easy to change weight


  • Less weight increments than others

To Sum Up

The Klarfit adjustable kettlebell is one of our favourite kettlebells on this list. It has been designed to perfectly resemble a conventional kettlebell. This means there are no clunky weight plates exposed, and no strange shape. It’s a solid product that resembles what an adjustable kettlebell should be.

Adjustable Kettlebell Buyers Guide

Now we have completed our roundup of the best adjustable kettlebells, let’s take a look at what features you should look for before purchasing. 

Maximum Weight

Most of the adjustable kettlebells we have looked at have a maximum weight of between 16-18kg, but you will sometimes find heavier ones. Ask yourself what kind of weight you expect to be using during your kettlebell routine?

Stronger, more advanced trainees may require a heavier maximum weight for an effective workout using compound moves like kettlebell swings.

If you don’t expect to be throwing around the heavy iron, just make sure you choose a kettlebell with a reasonable maximum weight and plenty of increments. 

Weight Increments

Having multiple weight increments is one of the key functions of an adjustable kettlebell.

More increments gives you more flexibility for performing a wide array of exercises with different weights. Having lots of increments means you can progress on exercises and add weight over time.

More isn’t always better however, too many increments can result in a clunky kettlebell and an excessive number of weight plates.

A simpler design with 5 or 6 increments can result in a better designed kettlebell than one with a large number of increments for their own sake.

Loading Method

Generally we see two types of loading methods in adjustable kettlebells. Weight plates loaded via the side of the main body, or loaded from underneath using a static weight holder.

The first type is still quite practical but involves additional steps for loading and unloading. After selecting the weight you want you need to remove the unneeded weight plates, replacing them once again to select a new weight.

Kettlebells loaded from underneath are more convenient because you simply place the body on top of the plates, select a weight and the kettlebell is ready for use.

This type also allows for a smooth body design, more akin to a traditional cast iron kettlebell. 

Plate Loaded vs Smooth Body

The outer body of adjustable kettlebells are either ridged due to removable plates or smooth. This difference is usually a result of how the kettlebells are loaded as explained above.

Once again, smooth body kettlebells loaded from underneath are generally preferred to their plate loaded counterparts. There is nothing wrong with plate loaded kettlebells and they still function as intended, but the ridges can be annoying. 

This would be noticeable during exercises like one armed clean and presses, where the outer body of the kettlebell will be in contact with your forearms.

A smooth outer body avoids the issues of discomfort and pinching, and is preferred for this reason. If you want a kettlebell specifically for an exercise like kettlebell swings, this is not an issue. 


Material is absolutely key when choosing an adjustable kettlebell. The material your kettlebell is made of will determine how long it lasts and is a huge indicator of overall quality.

When purchasing an adjustable kettlebell, be wary of designs which include materials like plastic or rubber. These can degrade over time and eventually fail.

No one wants to be stuck with an expensive kettlebell that has been ruined by one damaged plastic component. 

When it comes to quality, cast iron and steel are old favourites and you can’t go wrong with them. Rubberized coatings are fine and serve a purpose but go with something mostly constructed from these metals if you want it to last.

A cast iron/steel kettlebell you buy today will easily last you a lifetime. 

Adjustable Kettlebells vs Regular Kettlebells 

Save Space and Reduce Clutter 

One adjustable kettlebell is essentially the same as having a whole set of regular kettlebells. Each individual weight increment acts as a totally separate kettlebell.

It doesn’t take a genius to realise that it is much more economical in terms of space to have one kettlebell instead of a whole set. In most home gyms, space is at a premium so it is important that space is used sensibly. 

Unlike dumbbells, there isn’t really a convenient way of storing a whole set. Kettlebells are generally just stored on the floor. Having a large set, and many small kettlebells could easily clutter your home gym and make it disorganized.

An adjustable kettlebell is clearly the winner in terms of space. 

Save Money 

In a similar vein to saving space, adjustable kettlebells save you money. We can quickly visualise this by looking at the average price of an adjustable kettlebell with 7 increments, roughly £100.

We can see that most regular kettlebells between 10-20kg cost at least £30. If you bought a full set to match 7 increments you would be looking at spending £210 versus £100. This makes regular kettlebells roughly 2x as expensive as adjustable ones.

If you want all the benefits of a kettlebell workout routine but don’t want to break the bank, an adjustable kettlebell is perfect. 

Working Out With Others 

The space issues we highlighted above become exponentially worse when more than one person is working out with kettlebells.

If you think having one whole set of kettlebells would use too much space, then imagine three or four!

Adjustable kettlebells are an absolute must for people who want to workout together in a home gym setting. Multiple sets of conventional kettlebells would take up way too much space for most people’s home gym.

For the same reasons, adjustable kettlebells are perfect for kettlebell classes or small studios. 

Time Between Sets 

This is a close one, but generally it isn’t practical to do your workout surrounded by several different kettlebells.

Usually you will have to walk to and from where you store your kettlebells to select the weight you want. An adjustable kettlebell meanwhile, can be reloaded without even letting go of the handle.

This is only true for adjustable kettlebells loaded from underneath using a standing weight tree. These are generally more costly but we think the extra cost outlay is worth it.

A plate loaded adjustable kettlebell is probably more time consuming than traditional kettlebells when switching weights. 


This point probably goes in favour of traditional kettlebells. They win on this point purely because they have less moving parts due to being made purely from some kind of metal.

By nature, adjustable kettlebells have some moving parts but are normally also incredibly durable. 

To Sum Up

If you are starting a kettlebell routine or just want kettlebells for your home gym, getting an adjustable one is an absolute no brainer.

We have seen that they will save you time and space by giving you the functionality of a whole set of kettlebells in one.

Our list of recommendations has given you a range of solid choices and our buyers guide will help you choose the perfect adjustable kettlebell for your home gym.